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Welcome to Hellbender

At Hellbender, we create Computer Vision solutions for industrial & commercial applications.  Hellbender’s Computer Vision capabilities are enabled by our proprietary AI powered sensor systems that we optimize for each application and manufacture from our facilities in the USA. We are currently building products and Computer Vision as a Service (CVaaS) systems for applications in inventory management, street mapping, electric utilities, food service, pharmacies, mobile robotics, and athletics among others. This technology is transforming how our customers do business by enabling them to solve complex problems, effectively deploy resources, and rapidly scale their enterprise.

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Hellbender's AI-enabled Computer Vision Systems

Our team has been building AI-based computer vision for applications ranging from self-driving cars and autonomous cleaners to defense systems and agriculture. We created AI enabled sensors that utilize machine vision algorithms and machine learning to process, analyze and translate complex statistical information all at the point of acquisition. Hellbender’s solutions are small, portable, scalable, and able to integrate with new or existing hardware. Our customers’ success has made Hellbender the go-to provider of AI-enabled sensor systems.


Mobile AI

Hellbender’s AI-enabled cameras are energy efficient and compact allowing for a wide range of mobile applications such as the Velo.AI Copilot, Sensi Fit’s training devices, and the Reeplayer system. Before our solutions, complex processing required bulky, energy-intensive local servers or slow and expensive migration to the cloud. Hellbender’s sensors can be used without network connectivity, on low bandwidth IOT networks, or with integrated cellular modems depending on your needs.  


Artificial Intelligence of Things

Hellbender builds IoT-based vision systems that use all of the conventional IoT technology and now incorporates its AI cameras. The Internet of Things (IoT) market is projected to increase from nearly $700 billion in 2023 to almost $3.5 trillion by 2030. Hellbender is already a technology leader in this space and is a leader in helping customers deploy AIoT systems.

Product Development

Hellbender also helps customers create their own vision products to take advantage of the leading technologies in sensors and communications. We do this by leveraging our own intellectual property portfolio, combined with proven open source solutions and customer application expertise. Hellbender engineers products and uses our manufacturing facilities to rapidly prototype, iterate, then produce and get our customers to market quickly.

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